A personalized painting is always a good buy option because clients will own an exclusive work created for them.

The customer is informed regularly receiving pictures by e-mail about the development of the painting, so it is possible make any change .


Before starting the painting

A photo montage is done to get a rough idea of what the painting would be when completed.

The process
Inside part (Pop art).
The client sends a photograph to Mario García. It can be your home, a room of any place you like or any inside you can see on this website and it is to your liking (see example 1)

Example 1

A photoshop work is done to modify the interior, customers can choose colors, remove or add furniture or any detail . (see example 2).

Example 2

You can also modify paintings that may be in the photography and paint change them. (see example 3 / 4).

Example 3
Example 4

If everything is correct , we can go on with the outside part( realistic).
The client sends a photograph to Mario Garcia of an exterior to make the final composition (see example 5).

Example 5

It´s made the montage (see example 6).

Example 6

The final picture is sent to the client and if everything is correct the real process of painting is started.