Painter. He was born in Barcelona in 1965.

In the beginning,He was a landscape painter influenced by the olotine painting.

After a period developing this style, He looks for new formulas to "modernize" his painting and He follows an evolutionary process in their works.

He admires architects like Le Corbusier (Charles Edouard Jeanneret-Gris), Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright and others because of their architectural ability designing spaces.

His strong passion by nature and faune, the great respect He feels by environment, and his proactive worrying about the conservation of the ecosystem, makes him defines himself as a "naturalist".

With all these elements He's able to create his fauvorite painting style: Landscapes Fusion" .


As a support, He uses inside views, being rooms like halls, bedrooms... or outside views with elements created by man like cars, houses....

He carries this part out with a certain inclination towards pop art . In some cases using cold colours, in other cases, using vibrant-warm colours. In order to finalize this part, He delimits in black colour the elements to lock them up in their own flat and inert atmosphere.

To Mario García this part is the secondary one and the only realistic elements that can be found in it are details like dogs, cats, flowers, works of art, fruits...

the outsiders, open spaces, pinted in a realistic way, looks for the contrast, creating a visual impact .

His work can be found mainly in U.S galleries.





It is almost impossible that the work of any art painter isn´t autobiographical.
During the development of the works, We can,t help a reflection of our own lives in them.

People, places and environments We know form a diary with pictures. Painting becomes something personal and shows itself openly to  its viewers.
Painting is a public display of  inner feelings, desires, tastes, fantasies, ideas, a voluntary loss of privacy. 

Painting I found a quick way to express me and confess me, an escape, a friend and a lover.

The painting is teaching me that things are as they are.
I paint what I feel and what I am.

My paintings reflect moods, intuitions, feelings.
They do not want to be an act of faithful reproduction but the result of a process of contemplation and inwardness of the subject. "



Mario García Miró